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About Us:

Welcome to Mis Tacones!

It all began when Carlos Reynoso and Polo Abram Bañuelos moved to Portland from Los Angeles, looking to make connections and find community in a new city. They soon realized that making friends and finding community can be a challenge, especially as brown queer individuals. So they decided to share their love of food, art, and nostalgia with others, and Mis Tacones was born.

Inspired by the street food of L.A. and Baja California, Bañuelos and Reynoso started serving tacos at venues across town, from private dinners to sunny Saturday markets and glitzy queer dance parties. Their mission was to create a welcoming and cool atmosphere where everyone could feel at home and express their individual personalities as authentically as they are. Bañuelos and Reynoso would be serving tacos and looks in six-inch stilettos that eventually inspired the taqueria’s name.

Despite facing the challenges of the pandemic, Mis Tacones has continued to serve up delicious food and bring people together. While they still operated as a pop-up, MT would takeover kitchens as a short term residency to continue doing what they love until finally accomplishing to open their own restaurant in 2022 on NE Killingsworth in Portland, OR.

Mis Tacones’ Instagram page (@mistaconespdx) is a celebration of their community, with selfies, food, and references to nostalgic Mexican pop culture. Walter Mercado, the gender-nonconforming astrologer and Latinx cultural icon is a recurring presence, reflecting the taqueria’s ethos of inclusivity and acceptance.

As Mis Tacones looks to the future, they plan to continue their growth within the industry and will continue to center community within all their visions and growth.

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At Mis Tacones, it’s not just about the food – it’s about the connections and community that come with it. Come for the tacos, stay for the love.